German technology convinces South African and Malawian energy industry.


The BioEnergy Germany Group will supply its to date largest biogas plant in Malawi, fed with napier grass, a renewable energy source.

10th February 2023 – BioEnergy Germany, specialized in the design, construction and operation of biogas plants, thanks to its strong local commitment, has been awarded for the construction of a 56 MWel biogas plant in Nkhotakota District in the Central Region of Malawi, by BlueHills Capital Projects (Pty) Limited.

BioEnergy Germany will supply a 56 MWel biogas plant fed with napier grass, coming from the surrounding plantations. The produced power will be fed into the national grid.

The provision of the 56 MWel is a significant step towards empowering the local grid and expanding access to electrical power for more people and industries. With the increasing demand for electricity, the provision of additional power is crucial to ensure that people have access to reliable electricity.

In addition to providing electricity, the biogas plant also produces organic fertilizer that will be used on the napier grass plantations. This creates a nutrient cycle, increases soil activity and fertility, and avoids the addition of chemical fertilizers.

Moreover, the plantation, service companies, and the biogas plant itself create hundreds of new jobs for both low-skilled and highly educated individuals. This leads to not only ecological and economic benefits but also social benefits, such as an increase in the living quality in the region. 

Mr. Mario Treude, Managing Director in the BioEnergy Group declared: “We are very proud of this success and opportunity. The region is a very important market for BioEnergy Germany, and thanks to our strong local commitment and partners we can guarantee the advantages of dealing with local and international brands, with the technological knowhow of a German leader in the biogas sector. This 2023 has been a year of great success and this last award strengthens and consolidates our growth.”

Dr. Nils Rottmann, Managing Director of the BioEnergy Germany Group (Southeast Asia Division) added: “With this contract BioEnergy Germany became the local leader and even an international leading company for the supply of biogas plants fed with Napier grass and similar feedstocks. Today we set a landmark for the local industrial sector that recognizes our technological knowhow, extreme flexibility and capacity to offer customized solutions to obtain the maximum efficiency of the plant. To consolidate our position in the region we are going to establish local O&M (operation & maintenance) services as well as laboratory services to all anaerobic digestion plants, putting our worldwide achieved experience to the use of local and international sustainable power producers.”

BlueHills Capital Projects (Pty) Limited located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is an infrastructure and capital projects firm that specializes in the development of transport, water and renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass and biogas.

For the construction of its first biogas plant the company decided to award BioEnergy Germany, considering the long-term experience and outstanding technology for the anaerobic digestion but also the latest state of the art monitoring and control software and technology. The know-how and technologies ensures greatest process stability and reliability of the plant as well as guarantees a higher profitability to the client.

BioEnergy Germany is specialized in the development, design, construction, operation and after sales services of biogas plants. Financial strength, technological expertise and flexibility in execution with a focus on research and development in the field of biology and engineering are the strengths that characterize the BioEnergy Group and its products.

BioEnergy Germany operates as an EPC Contractor for the construction of turnkey plants but also provides technology and engineering in the role of Technology Provider. It also offers project financing, plant maintenance, biological consulting, laboratory support and all ancillary services for the full development of a project, from the early development stage to full execution and operation.

BioEnergy Germany’s Press Contact:
Dirk Simon
Phone: +49 151 55144211