Gruner Renewable Energy and BioEnergy Germany Seal Pivotal Contract with Reliance Industries Limited

September 14, 2023

Gruner Renewable Energy and BioEnergy Germany, two well known players in the renewable energy sector, have embarked on an unprecedented journey with Reliance Industries Limited, one of the world’s most recognized conglomerates. This synergistic alliance is not only a testament to the transformative vision shared by these firms but also a monumental stride towards sustainable energy solutions in India.

Gruner Renewable Energy stands as a beacon of innovation in India’s increasing renewable market. The company’s relentless commitment to delivering eco-conscious energy solutions has rendered it an unmatched leader in the sector. As India faces the challenge of meeting its energy demands sustainably, Gruner continues to shape the country’s green future with its forward-thinking initiatives.


On the other hand, BioEnergy Germany encapsulates the top of German engineering. Their expedition into diverse global markets has been marked by a consistent emphasis on eco-friendly solutions, meeting the unique needs of each region. Their decision to join forces with Gruner in India underscores a shared commitment to not only usher in technological excellence but also drive local relevance.

A hallmark of this collaboration is the pioneering decision to utilize rice straw, commonly known as paddy straw. Historically, the disposal of this agricultural residue through open-field burning has been a significant environmental challenge. By converting rice straw into an impressive 20 tons of biomethane daily, this partnership is turning environmental concerns into sustainable energy solutions.

The association with Reliance Industries Limited, a global behemoth with diverse interests, adds another layer of credibility to this endeavor. Reliance’s support of this project underlines its continued dedication to innovation and sustainable advancements.

The Team of BioEnergy Germany, a crucial figure in this collaboration, has been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition. Their unwavering support and commitment have been pivotal in securing this contract. As preparations ramp up, all involved express their heartfelt gratitude to the entire team for their tireless efforts.

In essence, this trilateral partnership between Gruner, BioEnergy Germany, and Reliance Industries Limited exemplifies the power of global collaboration tailored for local impact. With a combined emphasis on technological prowess, local expertise, and sustainability, the future looks promising for India’s renewable energy landscape.

BioEnergy Germany’s Press Contact:

Dirk Simon
Phone: +49 151 55144211