Biogas Investitionsprojekt: PPP – Waste to Energy

PPP – Waste to Energy – Thailand / Impppact Projektallianz

• Location: Thailand, Bangkok
• Status: Financed, in the implementation stage
• Biogas (1.8-2.7 MW/h) and PV (3.1 kWp) to cover the electricity requirements of the plant’s own waste separation.
• CHP oil for generating electricity from pyrolysis oil and feeding into the public grid (9.9 MW/h)
• Total electricity generation capacity (15.7 MW/h)

Scope of delivery (turnkey): Complete biogas plant, external gas storage, gas processing, CHP gas, PV plant, overriding control, CHP oil

Plant operation, S&M, 24/7 monitoring and biological support by BioEnergy Germany

Scheduled commissioning: 2021


Short description:

Biogas plant
The biogas plant is part of a new waste separation and recycling plant being built in Bangkok.
The biogas plant is designed for up to 100-150 tons of MSW-OF (the organic phase after waste separation) per day.

– Electrical output: 1.8-2.7 MW/h
– Operation: Thermophile
– Gas storage capacity: 18,500 m3 (2x 1600 m3 as a double-membrane roof, 15,300 m3 as an external double-membrane tank)

Incl. substrate preparation, gas cleaning via BioScrubber, digestate separation

Solar plant:
The PV system is installed on the roof of the waste separation building.
– PV panels installed: 9240 pc(s)
– Peak power: 3142 kWp
– Annual energy production: 3956 MWh/Jahr

The control system regulates the PV and biogas plant depending on the actual electricity requirements and the amount of sunshine.

CHP oil:
– Working material: pyrolysis oil
– 20 units with MTU multi-fuel engines
– 19 active units
– 1 stand-by unit
– Power per unit: 520 kW
– Total capacity: 9.9 MW

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