investment in biogas

Congratulations! The fact that you are ready to put money on the market means that you have learned to save money, which for many people is the hardest part to become an investor.

Bio Energy Germany emerged as a problem solver for the biogas plant industry. We have built turnkey systems, optimized faulty plants, developed solutions for problems and increased the efficiency of biogas plants worldwide.

Meanwhile our offer is comprehensive. From the consultation and conception before the construction, the complete responsibility of the construction up to the delivery of turnkey plants and all services, which guarantee a trouble-free operation (automated monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, biological support, etc.) we take a special position in the biogas plant construction.

This offers experienced and interested private equity investors the opportunity to generate extraordinary returns.

We are currently working on several projects in Europe and Southeast Asia, on behalf of local partners, but also as general contractor.

As an investor, you are our partner; we always design the operator model tailored to the respective location taking into account the needs of our investors.

The following models are possible:

● BOT (Built-Operate-Transfer)
● BOO (Built-Own-Operate)
● BOOT (Built-Own-Operate-Transfer)
● BLT (Built-Lease-Transfer)
● BFO (Built-Finance-Operate)

Further models can be discussed.

Get in touch with us and learn more about the exceptional opportunities.

Invest in socially responsible, sustainable and ecological investments. Benefit from attractive returns and security through renewable raw materials.