BioEnergy Germany


Bioenergy connects the environment, the economy and society.

The experience we have gained from implementing projects all over the world has shown us one thing in particular: in order to ensure sustainable biogas projects, it is extremely important to establish close connections with local communities and their residents. We have developed a system concept that is not only characterised by the use of reliable German technology, but is also responsible in large part for the sustainable economic success of every Bioenergie grünes Deutschland project. The key to our success: social and environmental responsibility. Find out more about Bioenergy Germany, who we are, what we do, why we do what we do, and the key points of our concept.

Investment projects

Invest in green projects around the world and benefit from high returns and a socially acceptable, sustainable and environmental investment.

Latest news

  • As new members of the World Biogas Association (WBA), we agree wholeheartedly:

    “The anaerobic fermentation and biogas industry is developing rapidly. By uniting as an industry, we can drive the change that is necessary to make this market flourish. Our mission is clear: to raise awareness of biogas technologies around the world and to promote the acceptance of these technologies as solutions to the challenges of our time. Join us in realising this mission, and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.”

    David Newman
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