Projects we have supervised A selection of references

Find our references from the areas of plant construction, servicing, plant control systems and plant monitoring

Pump containers in the Philippines


Design, delivery, assembly – year of construction 2019

Technical details:

• Input pump container for two liquid feeding systems
• Manufacturing and design in accordance with customer requirements
• Capacity approx. 300 m3/h
• Incl. ventilation system, drainage system, lifting device for maintenance work, adjustable installation rail


Control cabinet container in the Philippines


Design, delivery, assembly – year of construction 2019

Technical details:
• Control and switching technology, software for system expansion
• Integration and automation of liquid input systems as well as other components and sensors
• Link to the existing plant control system
• Control cabinet container manufactured in accordance with customer specifications


Delivery of trace elements to Thailand, Amnat Charoen


Delivery of additives as well as biological monitoring during the plant start-up after a complete shut-down – year 2018

Technical details:
• Capacity: 2400 m3 wastewater per day
• Electricity generation: 2.1 MW/h

The plant carries out the anaerobic treatment of wastewater from starch production.


External double-membrane gas storage system in the Philippines


Delivery, assembly – year of construction 2019

Technical details:
• Volume:  3880 m3
• Operating pressure: 10 mbar
• Diameter 20.62 m
• Height: 15.45 m
• Max. gas input: 3000 m3/h
• Max.gas output: 4250 m3/h
• Wind load: 160 km/h

Doppelmembran Speicher

Gas treatment system in the Philippines


Delivery, assembly, integration into existing plant control system, commissioning – year of construction 2019

Technical details:
• 3114 kg/h, 2500 Nm3/h (raw gas 2950 m3/h)
• Input temperature: 40 degC
• Output temperature: 15 degC
• Type: FriCon-300/2500-40-15-3-I

Project implemented in cooperation with APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH


Biogas plant in Schleswig-Flensburg region, Germany


Plant monitoring plus software expansion, servicing and maintenance for a biogas plant in northern Germany

Technical details:
• 1.25 MW rated power
• 2.5 MW peak power (flexible operation)
• Approx. 80 tonnes substrate input per day
• 4 covered containers and 1 open container
• Separation and drying of fermentation residue

The plant also operates a district heating grid in the nearby community, which has two 50m³ heat storage systems. In the event of a malfunction, this can be operated with an additional emergency burner (heating oil or biogas), so that residents are guaranteed a constant heating supply.