Gruner Renewable Energy and BioEnergy Germany Annonce a Grand Welcome & Greetings Ceremony

Mainz, Germany – Nagpur, India on August, 5th, 2023
BioEnergy Germany is thrilled to announce a grand Welcome & Greetings Ceremony inviting partners, attendees, media representatives, and guests to join in this significant event in Nagpur, India. The ceremony will commence with the traditional diya lighting, introducing our GRE partners, German associates, and esteemed media representatives, along with Mr. Achal Thool.

As part of the agenda, GRE will be giving an exclusive plant tour via a presentation, underlining the crucial role of our machinery and equipment in the biogas production process. Following this, BioEnergy Germany will showcase its innovative biogas technology, providing insights into the company’s mission and values.

Mr. Achal Thool from APSS Bio Energy will share his thoughts with the media and the public, elucidating on his association with GRE and his motivation behind the establishment of the biogas plant.

In a pivotal moment for the company, Gruner Renewable Energy and BioEnergy Germany will formally sign their partnership agreement. This will be followed by a Q/A session for the media, offering a chance to delve deeper into this partnership and our shared vision for sustainable energy solutions.

The ceremony will also mark the introduction of Napier Grass as the ‘Feedstock of the Future,’ showcasing the technology behind Bio Energy that is set to redefine biogas production.

Moreover, the BioEnergy Germany team will present their crown jewel – the world’s largest plant, capable of producing 56MW of power using a capacity of 6000 TPD on Napier Grass.

An open discussion Q/A session for clients and attendees will be held to encourage dialogue and provide a deeper understanding of our vision and operations. Additionally, vendor partners will have an opportunity for brand visibility during the event.

Join us as we take significant steps towards a more sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming you!

BioEnergy Germany’s Press Contact:
Dirk Simon
Phone: +49 151 55144211